Antony Hook publishes no-deal Brexit assessment

   3 September 2019

The Office of Antony Hook, Lib Dem MEP for South East England, has published a detailed report examining the impact of a no-deal Brexit in South East England and the wider UK.

Key findings within the report, based on independent sources, include:

  • The UK economy will head into recession and public borrowing will double to £60bn.
  • The UK has negotiated 14 trade deals since invoking Article 50, compared to deals with 83 countries or territories that the UK currently has the benefit of as an EU member.
  • GDP per person is forecast to decrease 8.1% as a result of no deal, putting us in a significantly weaker economic position than comparably sized countries, France or Germany.

Antony Hook said: “this report makes it abundantly clear that dangers dismissed by the Leave campaign as ‘Project Fear’ are fast becoming a reality.

“As a barrister I know that in a courtroom the jury must consider all the evidence laid in front of it and come to a verdict based on how reliable that evidence is.

“On the one hand we have Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg claiming there’s nothing to worry about, and on the other we have the NHS, the Office for Budget Responsibility, the World Bank, the TUC and the government’s own figures all saying precisely the opposite.

“The time has come for the good citizens of the United Kingdom to forget the lies they’ve been fed and look at the facts.

“A no-deal Brexit is an attack on our entire way of life. We must do whatever it takes to stop it happening.”

Read the report in full.

Download the press release (.doc)