The Office of Antony Hook MEP

Representing South East England and the Liberal Democrat Party in the European Parliament

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The role of an MEP

Your MEP is your voice in Brussels. You don’t need to go through Foreign Office diplomats to be represented in the European Union: you have your own representative for your own area.


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The Lib Dems in Europe

There 16 unapologetically pro-European Liberal Democrat MEPs in the European Parliament, working to Stop Brexit, protect civil liberties, fight against climate change, to promote European values and to stand up for you & your area.


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Free resources

We have a range of materials and resources available for anyone to use. New artwork and drop-ins for leaflets and mail shots will be made available in due course.


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Civil liberties

As a member of the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Antony is your voice at the heart of Europe standing up to protect and enhance your rights.


Antony's work in Parliament

Get in touch

Antony has a dedicated team on the continent and in the UK. If you have a problem and need help, have a press enquiry or would like to invite Antony to an event, please contact us.


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