Students opening their A-level results

The government is failing our hard-working students

   15 August 2019

Across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, students are opening their A-level results today. Whether it’s good news or bad news, a lot of effort has gone into laying the groundwork for a bright future.

Sadly, the government seems intent on undermining their hard work.

The Office of Antony Hook has today released an in-depth report looking at the impact of Brexit on education and the effect it will have on students at home and abroad in the future.

With Brexit supposedly only weeks away, students may find doors closing that once were wide open.

Antony Hook MEP explains: “Brexit threatens to close off opportunities previous generations of students have had the privilege of experiencing.

“Whether it’s studying for a year in Granada, or joining an exchange programme in Cyprus, the EU funded Erasmus scheme has given some of our underprivileged students culturally enriching experiences that would otherwise been unavailable.

“Our universities not only rely on EU funding to run some courses, but also depend on teaching staff and academics from the European Union who are currently being given little assurance that their qualifications will still be valid.

Young people voted to stay in the European Union and I hope that by working together, we can stop Brexit and retain our strong educational links with our European neighbours.”

The report is available to download from

Download the press release (.doc)