Next PM to nominate the UK EU Commissioner, thanks to Johnson refusal

   27 August 2019

Today Antony Hook Liberal Democrat MEP for South East has written to the Prime Minister thanking him for not appointing a UK EU Commissioner as this will enable his successor to do so.

With the ongoing Brexit disaster, Boris Johnson is increasingly facing a vote of no-confidence or a general election which could see him recorded as the UK’s shortest-serving PM.

Antony Hook wrote to Johnson,

“If your government falls in the next two months then it will be open to the new Prime Minister, whoever he or she may be, to nominate a European Commissioner after they have extended or altogether revoked Article 50 and ended the utterly disastrous Brexit process.

“This will be an exciting prospect as we finally put the divisions of Brexit firmly behind us, continue to enjoy the best deal possible with Europe by being a large and influential member and set about rebuilding the relationship between Britain and the rest of the EU.

“The next Government can find real solutions to the problems British people face, solutions which Brexit could never provide”.

The new PM could re-nominate Sir Julian King, could nominate the first ever Commissioner from a Liberal Democrat background or the first from a Labour background since Cathy Ashdown in 2009.

Each member state of the EU nominates one commissioner who are then voted on by the European Parliament.