Brexit causes unprecedented challenges to Britain’s youth

   12 August 2019

Today is International Youth Day and Lib Dem MEP Antony Hook is calling for Brexit to be cancelled to prevent the damage that will be done to the futures of our younger generation.

Antony said: “Brexit is a real crime for Britain’s youth. They are being robbed of a certain future that previous generations enjoyed.  Brexit leaves an uncertain economic future and lack of opportunity for young people to face”.

“If the UK is outside the EU, our young people will no longer be able to live, work and study freely in Europe as their predecessors did, and if they are younger than 21, they would not have had the opportunity to vote in the 2016 referendum. Yet, they will live the consequences of that flawed decision to leave the EU”.

“It’s time for Boris Johnson to stop Brexit and stop destroying our young people’s future”.

A young person who was of the youngest possible age to vote in 2016 is now 21 years old. There is an entire generation of school children, young workers and university students who have been let down.  

Designated by the UN General Assembly in 1999, International Youth Day is designed to celebrate the role of young women and men and provide an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges facing the world’s youth.