Border security checks sign

Antony visits Dover Port

   5 August 2019

Antony Hook, MEP for South East England, has visited Dover and Folkestone to speak with local businesses about the impact of no deal Brexit. 

During the visit Antony, who grew up in Deal and attended Dover Grammar School met with representatives from the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel as well as members of the local business community. 

Antony said: “the clear message I’m getting is that despite extensive planning taking place, the UK is not ready for a no deal Brexit – and possibly never will be. 

“It currently takes two minutes for a lorry to clear customs. If that wait doubles to just four minutes, there will be a permanent 17-mile queue getting into the port. 

“Our system has been finely honed over many years and relies on every cog working as it should. When one cog breaks, the consequences are immediate and severe. 

“We all remember 2015, when at the height of the migrant crisis, French industrial action led to gridlock on the UK side. Drivers had to sleep in their vehicles and authorities were forced to hand out food and water to stranded travellers. 

“Additional checks on freight moving from Dover or Folkestone to France will cause a knock-on effect, potentially reaching as far as London. Plans have been put in place to close the entire M26 to make space to hold lorries. 

“One of the biggest worries is how ambulances, and indeed staff, will reach hospitals if local roads are gridlocked. 

“Nobody voted for members of the public to die in the back of stranded ambulances. We need to stop Brexit now.” 

Download the press release (.doc)